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ATCO/Bennett Recoveries, Inc. is a professional repossession agency located in Jacksonville, Florida. We provide full service repossession services to the lending community in Southern Georgia and the Greater Jacksonville, FL areas.

Since 1971, ATCO/Bennett Recoveries, Inc. has been serving the Jacksonville area with the best collateral recovery operations around. With our owner, Jeanne Bennett, and the rest of our personnel, we have a COMBINED TOTAL of over 100 YEARS EXPERIENCE. We have been delivering professional collateral recovery results to the credit industry, and as our company ages and grows, the results just keep getting better and better. From our highly trained personnel and state of the art equipment, to our secured storage facilities and insurance coverages, we have spared no expense in protecting your interests.

ATCO/Bennett Recoveries, Inc. is properly licensed, bonded and insured. ATCO/Bennett Recoveries is committed to meeting and exceeding all industry regulations and compliance requirements. We stay up-to-date on the latest laws and industry changes through our memberships with Florida Alliance of Certified Asset Recovery Specialists (FLACARS) and the American Recovery Association (ARA).


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ATCO/Bennett Recoveries, Inc.
PO Box 8349
Jacksonville, FL 32239

904.398.8686  ph
800.874.8467  ph
904.358.1391  fax


License # R9000002
Jacksonville FL Repossessions
Repossession Agency Jacksonville FL
Florida Repossessions
Jacksonville FL Recovery Agency
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